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Smart Water & Energy Solutions offers consumers a range of ‘environmentally responsible’ products and services which will assist in achieving water and energy reductions. Whether you are building a new home or commercial property, renovating your property or just looking for smart ways to reduce your water & energy usage, energy efficient products can make a major impact.

An energy efficient home does not necessarily mean lifestyle compromise.

Many products can be incorporated into the average domestic home to save the consumer considerable money on water and energy bills, and assist consumers to comply with the newly introduced BASIX requirements.



Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems

Consumers can reduce household hot water bills by around 70% each year by installing a solar or heat pump hot water system. Using the sun’s energy to heat water will result in major electricity and dollar savings, conserving our natural resources and the environment. Purchasers may be entitled to REC rebate. Details on application.


Solar Electricity Systems & Products

The amount of energy that reaches the Earths surface every hour is equal to the total worldwide energy consumption for a whole year. By utilising this unlimited resource and making efficient use of electricity we can make an enormous difference to our global environment in our lifetime.


Roof Skylights and Ventilation

Bring natural light into your home with the installation of strategically placed skylights to reduce the need for electricity. Skylights should be accurately sized and shaded if necessary to reduce heat absorption in summer and heat losses in winter. Mechanically vented options are available to remove moist stale air as well as drawing in natural light.


Window Glazing

Existing windows can be converted to double-glazed windows, effectively improving thermal performance and providing ongoing savings. The installation of glazing can also reduce noise through existing windows by up to 70%, making your living spaces more comfortable and energy efficient.


Home Insulation

A well insulated building is an investment in a more comfortable environment all year round with permanent savings on heating and cooling bills.


Natural Home Cooling

Remove hot stale air and draw in cool fresh air without using a noisy, costly air conditioning system.

An automatic ceiling shutter closes down when the cooling process is not required. Keep your living space fresh and comfortable all year round with a low energy alternative to conventional air conditioning.


Water Conservation

It is possible to reduce water usage without compromising on comfort and lifestyle. By installing a flow control system to new or existing tapware, a consumer can substantially reduce water wastage, conserve energy, and eliminate temperature and water flow fluctuations at kitchen sinks, basins, showers and laundry tubs – resulting in considerable savings.


Pool Heating & Thermal Blankets

Enjoy your swimming pool right through the year by installing a solar or heat pump system to warm the water effectively. Keep that warmth in your pool by installing a thermal pool blanket which will not only reduce thermal losses (saving you money) but also reduce water & chemical evaporation, and maintenance.


Space Heating

Rather than buying an inefficient electric heater, buy the best!
An informed choice will result in the most suitable low-energy option for your home or commercial building.


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