Grid Connect

Grid connected solar electricity makes it possible for you to turn your roof into a 100% renewable energy generator. Power produced by the system is delivered to your house first and any excess power is fed back to the grid. By avoiding the use of electricity created from fossil fuels, you'll contribute to the health of the planet.


Value for your home

Your grid connect solar power system will provide value to your home by quietly and reliably producing electricity every day of its long life. Beyond simply avoiding the purchase of coal fired power from the utility, the system adds financial value to your home. A PV system is a capital improvement to the building and will increase its resale value.

A 2 kilo-Watt (kW) grid connected solar power system installed in Sydney will prevent the emission of approximately 2.8 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas, the main gas responsible for global warming.

This is equivalent to removing a car travelling around 10,000 km per year from our roads.