Industry Experience

Established in 1997, Smart Water and Energy Solutions is a family owned business with over 40 years industry experience.

Whether you are a homeowner, renovator, new home builder or architect – we can assist you to reduce energy usage responsibly using a range of high quality, reputable products.

Energy & Dollar Savings

Having an energy efficient home does not mean that a consumer has to compromise their lifestyle. In fact,  the investment will be amply rewarded with a more comfortable and economical home - with energy & dollar savings for years to come. The ideal energy efficient home is cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. Cross ventilation,  building orientation & design, suitable tree plantings & thermal insulation should ensure that a property requires minimal energy for cooling & heating.


Many products can be easily incorporated into the average home to provide energy savings, comfort and a return on investment. Solar electricity & solar/heat pump hot water systems also attract rebates. Using less energy will result in less pollution, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of our precious resources - and can result in considerable savings in energy costs.

Our Goal

This website aims to offer a range of 'smart' solutions for the home. Smart Water & Energy agents can advise on the most suitable solution for your application. We offer consumers a range of environmentally responsible products and services to assist in reducing energy usage, CO2 emissions and energy costs. Our services include a complimentary onsite inspection & obligation free quotation. Please review our customer testimonials.

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