All in one, on the roof

Where the Storage Cylinder and the Solar Collectors (panels) are coupled together and the installation is on the roof. A choice of an electric boost element in the cylinder or a gas booster installed usually on the blind side of the house completes the system.


Value for your home

  • Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance
  • No recirculating pumps and pipe runs - reducing heat losses and improving running efficiencies
  • No electricity required to operate pumps to recirculate the water through the panels
  • Space saving in that it eliminates the need for a storage tank at ground level which is ideal for courtyard homes or small blocks
  • Choose either stainless steel tank or glass-lined tank

Want to know more?

Smart Water & Energy agents can advise on the most suitable solution for your application. We offer consumers a range of environmentally responsible products and services to assist in reducing energy usage, CO2 emissions and energy costs. Our services include a complimentary onsite inspection & obligation free quotation.