Heat pumps

Heat pumps are the perfect solution when tree shading prevents you from having
solar panels on the roof, or when the aesthetics of solar panels on your roof are just
not possible or desirable.

An air-sourced heat pump absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat the

It runs on electricity but is around 3 times more efficient than a conventional electric
hot water system. It is designed to save energy and money and reduce greenhouse
gas emissions. If you already have a solar electricity system, you take advantage of
the power you generate to operate your heat pump during the day on a time clock.
Installing a Sanden Heat Pump will save you up to 80% of your hot water energy
costs – come rain, hail or shine.

The Sanden Eco Plus is designed as a split system, with the heat pump and
stainless steel tank installed separately. With high efficiency and improved
performance, the Sanden heat pump operates quietly so that your family and your
neighbours will be unaffected by undue noise.
As with solar hot water systems, a rebate is available for fully installed systems.

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