The Solar Whiz is the powerful answer to roof ventilation. Powered by the sun, the Solar Whiz out-performs any wind-driven roof whirlybird that relies on heat build-up in the roof or wind to ventilate your home.
Solar Whiz also excels at extracting moisture, condensation, fumes and dust. This helps significantly in combatting the growth of mildew, mould and dust mites, ensuring healthy and comfortable air quality for asthma sufferers and everybody else.

The Solar Whiz’s design is durable, built to withstand the harsh Australian climate—come hail, rain, or extreme heat. Solar Whiz is easily mounted with DIY instructions (or with the help of an installer) on metal, or tiled roofs—as well as most other types of roofs. Night operation kits can be installed by an electrician to extend operating hours so as to remove warm air from roof cavities on hot nights.

• Cools your house or business
• Reduces heat build up in the roof space
• Minimizes the need for air conditioning
• Increases the efficiency of ducted air conditioning
• Increases comfort levels and/or saves money
• Increases productivity levels
• No running cost
• No carbon emissions
• Quiet operation
• Simple installation
• Safe low voltage installation
• No electrician required

Solar Powered Roof Fans are a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home, roof and even save you money.
Powered completely by free solar energy, our sleek and efficient roof vent is compact, quiet, powerful & can be rotated to face the sun so it can be installed in any location!

Solar heat causes elevated heat in the roof but the solar ventilators continuously exchange roof air to avoid heat build-up. Being totally solar powered, Solar roof ventilators have a $0 operating cost over the life of the product.

All solar powered roof vent fans come standard with a thermostatic shut-off system. The fan will automatically stop operating when the temperature drops below 24°C, preserving beneficial roof space heat in the winter months.

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